Navigating the Ticketing System

The Cloud EPC support service desk serves as a means for Cloud EPC users to report system issues, bugs or provide suggestions on recommended features. The system is fully integrated with the Cluod EPC support documentation and technical training infrastructure giving users another way of troubleshooting.

How do I access the support service desk?

The Cloud EPC ticketing system can be accessed using the following link:

You must have an account to use the service desk

To create an account, click the "Sign up for an account" link on the lower right side of the screen.

Enter in your email address, password and Full name and click "sign up", 

Your account is now active.

What does the support service desk allow me to do?

The support service desk provides users (with an account) with three primary options:

  1. Search for help and training information be entering a keyword, phrase or question
  2. Report a system problem
  3. Suggest a new idea

Searching for help:

The "What do you need help with?" search box is integrated with the Cloud EPC support documentation and training infrastructure. You may simply type in a keyword, phrase or question to display targeted search results. The results will appear below the search box which includes hyperlinks to training pages associated with the search request. If you do not see a search result that may help with your request, please use the "report a system problem" link (explained below).

Reporting a system problem (bugs, issues, freezes etc.)

There are two ways to report a system problem, whether it be a menu item that is not functioning, a button that can't be clicked or a simple bug.

Report problems by email:

To raise a support ticket request by email, please send an email to:

In your email include the following content (where applicable):

  • Name of the project you are experiencing issues on
  • A detailed description of the issue including where it is being experienced, which buttons/screens are involved and what you expect to be happening
  • Screenshots of the issue (very helpful)
  • The priority associated with the issue (Low, Medium, High). This is subjective but "High" should represent issues that require urgent response as they are preventing the system from functioning or a user from being able to do there job.

When you submit a request via email, you will receive an email response notification that your request has been received. If you do not already have an account, you will be provided a notice and a link to "Activate my account". Simply click this button to complete your account sign up which is as simple as providing your name and creating a password.

Report problems using support service desk website:

To raise a support ticket request by using the support service desk website, click on the following link:

You must have an account to access the system, please refer to the top section on creating an account.

Proceed to click the "Report a system problem" link just below the search box.

You will be taken to a screen where you will be prompted to populate 2 mandatory fields and 4 optional fields.

  • Summarize the problem: enter in a brief statement that allows the support desk to understand your problem
  • Description: enter in a detailed description of the problem you are having which may include the project you are experiencing issues with, which buttons and screen are involved, what you expect to be happening that is not etc.
  • Attachment: upload screenshots of the issue. This is very helpful.
  • Select a system: you may ignore this box.
  • How urgent is this: Select an urgency level  based on how significant the problem is to conducting your work.

Click "Create" to submit your work ticket.

Idea Suggestions:

We want to hear your ideas. If you have a good suggestion for a new feature, improvement to an existing feature or simply a great idea, click the "Idea Suggestion" link beneath the search box. From there, fill out the "Summary" and "Details" fields and click "Create".